Economics Tutor

Dr. Anthony Fok is the founder and principal economics tutor at JC Economics Education Centre. With over 20 years of experience teaching Economics, Dr. Fok has developed a comprehensive and proven methodology that emphasizes practical learning, personalized attention, and exam preparation.

Dr. Fok’s expertise and experience are integral to the centre’s methodology. He takes a hands-on approach to teaching, providing personalized attention to each student and tailoring his teaching to suit each student’s individual needs. He is also actively involved in the development of the centre’s comprehensive learning resources, ensuring that they are up-to-date and relevant to the latest Economics syllabus.

Under Dr. Fok’s guidance, many students have achieved significant improvements in their Economics grades, and have developed a restored sense of self-confidence. His patience and attentiveness towards his students guarantee that no student is left behind.

Dr. Fok’s practical learning approach has been praised by students and parents alike. By using real-world examples and case studies, he helps students to develop a deep understanding of Economics concepts and apply them effectively in exams. His exam preparation approach has also been effective in helping students to achieve excellent results in their Economics exams.

In addition to his teaching at JC Economics Education Centre, Dr. Fok is also the author of several Economics books, including the “Complete Guide to GCE A Level Economics Real-World Examples for Essay Writing” and “Complete Guide to GCE A Level Economics Evaluation Points”. These books are widely recognized as valuable resources for students and teachers alike, and demonstrate Dr. Fok’s expertise and commitment to Economics education.

Overall, Dr. Fok’s expertise and experience are integral to the success of JC Economics Education Centre’s methodology. With his practical learning approach, personalized attention, and proven success rates, he has helped countless students to achieve mastery in Economics and excel in their exams.

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