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"Mr Fok is a dedicated and committed teacher, who is approachable and caring towards his students. He makes Economics concepts interesting and less mundane!"
- Cherie (HCI) -
"Mr Fok is a very dedicated Economics teacher. He always puts the interests of his students first, giving his students help even after curriculum time. He is very thorough in his explanations and provides very useful materials, helping his students to improve quickly."
- Aurora (NJC) -
"Mr Anthony Fok is dedicated, witty and knows how to strike rapport with his students. It is really enjoyable to attend his classes and consult him to clarify my doubts on Economics. He has indeed given me a new perspective and liking for his seemingly daunting subject. "
- Nathaniel (SAJC) -
"Mr Anthony Fok is a very dedicated teacher who is always willing to help us with our Economics work. His lessons are very interesting and funny and always conducted with enthusiasm."
- Amy (JJC) -
"Mr Fok is a dedicated and passionate Economics tutor who genuinely cares for his students’ grades and progress in their work. "
- Anna (PJC) -
"Mr Fok is a very dedicated tutor who is always available to answer my queries involving Economics and also provides very good study notes and material."
- Charlotte (NJC) -
"I have developed a deeper and clearer understanding of the subject after attending the tuition lessons. I am also equipped with the necessary skills needed to answer the different types of questions."
- Sarah (ACJC) -
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