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“Mr Fok is a very dedicated and caring teacher that I can confidently say is a very unique yet effective tutor. I believe that the reason why he is such a good tutor is because he doesn’t just focus on helping us get good grades but he tries to make it as applicable and interesting as possible that helps to develop the passion for learning which is something many other tuitions lack in. He genuinely cares about the students as he constantly encourages us and provides us with advice on how to approach life in general. This trait is something valuable and what all tutors should have. Furthermore, he has helped sparked the passion in me for economics as a subject and I no longer just see it as a dry memorise subject like how many other students do. I feel that this is one of the main challenges many students in Singapore face when trying to study economics for the first time so I would highly recommend Mr Fok as he pulled me up from an S to the top 95% of the cohort for prelims and I am extremely grateful for his help. Thank you.”
Chew Zi Xuan
Hwa Chong Institution
“Mr Fok's stories not only serve as a good study break for us to reenergise during the lesson, but his stories also give us very real, valuable and applicable advice that are often not told to us. Mr Fok's lessons are efficient as he goes straight to the point and provides us with crucial keywords.”
Shae-Lynn Tan
Raffles Institution
“Mr fok has made economics much easier to understand by drawing diagrams and making us write summaries. He also repeats during classes which enables me to absorb the content more effectively. The summaries have also made revision for school exams much easier. Apart from academics, he will share his stories and life lessons to keep the class awake.”
Siow Qi
Anglo Chinese Junior College
“He is by far the best economics tutor out there. Mr Fok makes tuition very enjoyable and always gives out concise and effective notes. If not for him I would not have been able to grasp concepts of economics as easily and he also provides assistance whenever needed via WhatsApp outside of class as well!”
Dean Guevarra
Catholic Junior College
“I highly recommend Mr Fok’s Economics tuition. Mr Fok’s explanations were very clear and helped me set my fundamentals for economics. He constantly emphasises and repeats the important concepts and phrasings which are extremely crucial to score for Economics. This has made understanding the subject so much simpler for me. He often provides us with well explained notes and other school past year exam papers and goes through them thoroughly ensuring that we have more than sufficient resources to practice. Thanks to him, Economics has become less daunting for me. In fact, it has become a subject that I am most confident in. Besides the drilling of content and answering techniques, Mr Fok frequently tells us real-life based stories that are both relevant to the economics subject and amusing. Not only did this help me stay alert throughout his lesson, I have also grown to love economics. His classes have been so insightful and interesting that I always look forward to his lesson every week.
Kuon Suhyun
Anglo Chinese Junior College
“Mr Fok is an incredibly inspirational teacher who made me interested in Economics. He applies concepts to real world examples, allowing us to be engaged in lessons. Classes are never boring despite the large group of students and the notes he provides are very concise and easy to understand. He marks essays that we have written outside of class time, ensuring that we have the practice that we need to allow us to do well in our exams. He also answers questions that are sent through Whatsapp quickly.”
Megan Lin
Raffles Institution
“Mr Fok has certainly helped me in my understanding of Economics which was once very foreign to me. By teaching us the crucial information that we need to know, it is possible to do well in the subject! He is passionate about teaching and never fails to make lessons interesting. Moreover, by telling us his life stories, we learn much more than just knowledge on Economics.”
National Junior College
“Mr Fok is a great teacher, extremely engaging and able to captivate the students effectively throughout the duration of the lesson. Honestly, the way he talks is quite interesting, I'm quite amused by it hahaha. He also helps students even after lessons, where he will answer any queries we may have despite the large class size. Online, he replies to questions relatively fast and is always willing to help us look through our papers and provide comments. Overall, he's a good teacher and definitely will recommend.”
You Qian
Eunoia Junior College
“Mr Fok is a dedicated teacher who is willing to go the extra mile to help his students when they encounter misconceptions and difficulties in their work. His notes are undoubtedly very precise and detailed where he does not throw his students with lengthy notes that beat about the bush but breaks them down into a mind map so that it is easier for students to understand. His lessons are also very comprehensive where he is able to cover a lot of concepts within the time frame. He is definitely the one you should look for when you feel hopeless about economics because he gives you hope and is your hope!!”
Bernita Lee
St. Andrew's Junior College
“Mr Fok is a great teacher, and is able to teach in a way that is easy to understand and apply to your own examinations. He is very well-versed with the subject and has a lot of knowledge to offer, in Economics and outside of it too. He is one of the rare teachers who is able to combine fun and learning. Learning from him has really improved my understanding of the subject, and his willingness to help has improved my performance. Learning from him has been a great, and hugely rewarding experience.”
Aaryaman Bhatia
Raffles Junior College
“Mr Fok has always been a constant source of support for me in economics from teaching me various examination skills to clarifying my doubts in economics and this has helped me to gain a better understanding of the subject and have better answering techniques which have thus improved my grades over the years. Thank you Mr Fok and I wish you all the best!”
Raffles Institution
“Extremely engaging lessons with students and explains concepts in simple terms. Your lessons have made econs more interesting and I've come to see economic issues in a different light. I've kept all your life lessons in my heart and will remember them in the future. Hopefully we can chat again in the future :)”
Jonathan Umaibalan
Victoria Junior College
“Mr Fok is a really passionate teacher who puts in a lot of work into ensuring that his lessons are easy to follow and understand. He helps us to summarise the key points for every topic and points out the linkages between each topic. This allowed me to understand Economics at a much deeper level instead of purely memorising. He is willing to answer any questions that we have should we have any queries through text. Aside from teaching us, he has also been a really supportive teacher that gives us encouragement and support. He shares with us life lessons that he has learned along the way, broadening our perspective. Mr Fok has been really helpful and this made me like Economics a lot more.”
Shannon Effendi
Victoria Junior College
“Mr Fok made the subject "economics" much more concise to understand, making it easier for us to learn. Mr Fok was always willing to help us even after lessons which really helped me a lot since I could clarify my doubts and queries whenever I came across some difficult or confusing concepts. Not only did Mr Fok teach us economics but he also told us various meaningful life stories that we could learn from.”
Won Jae
Yishun innova Junior College
“Mr Fok's lessons were very engaging and interesting. His notes and explanations are concise and easy to understand, providing a comprehensive summary of the various H2 Economics topics. I personally found them very useful especially for the more complex and challenging topics such as Market Structures and Globalisation. The stories that Mr Fok shared were entertaining, and insightful as well, as they contextualise the often times abstract economics concepts into real life applications. This was especially helpful in helping me understand the various sources of Market Failures within the H2 syllabus. Mr Fok was also really approachable and friendly in providing after lesson support in clarifying our doubts.”
Ivan Tan
Dunman High School

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